Day 2

I packed the biggest lunch/snack ever. Ever. My lunch bag had all the necessary “just in case” foods. The hunger came but I portioned my snacks and meals in modest amounts.

So at our Sunday service, we had a visitor named Paul. Paul is a healer. He invited us to come back on Monday evening for a talk, opportunity for confession, and to ask Jesus what he could do for us. In fact, we were invited to come Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. My husband and I thought maybe we would see what this is about and hear what he has to say. We returned Monday evening and so did everyone else. It was a full house. Together, and beautifully, we prayed the rosary and we sat in a still silence during adoration with Jesus in front at the altar. My husband decided to go to confession before we went to pray with Paul. By the time my husband made it through one of the four lines to see one of four priests and say his confession it was so late in the evening. We decided to come back Tuesday.


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