Day 3

FASTING:  Ok. A little trick with the food but not too bad.  I understood it is ok to have a veggie smoothie – made with ice not milk.  I had a kiwi kale veggie smoothie with soy protein.  It was tasty.  It was an ugly drink I would say but quite tasty.  My taste buds seem to be changing already.  A pizza still sounds good but I won’t go there.

PRAYER:  Tuesday night I had an ACTS reunion with my sisters so I went to that while my husband was inside the church listening to Pau the healer.   After my meeting, I went over to the church to see where my husband was. He was in line still and had a long wait ahead of him.  I sat and watched my husband from a distance.  My husband is not a patient person but he is a faithful one.  He waited.  Prayed.  Contemplated leaving.  Prayed.  I prayed.  It was his turn.  I moved closer.  Not so much to hear but to be near and observe.  Paul and my husband prayed together.  Amen.  My husband walks to the altar and kneels down.  Praise God.  He came towards me and motioned me out of the church.  I glanced over to him and his eyes were filled with tears and his smile was big.  The pain had escaped his body.


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