Day 4

FAST:  Had another kiwi kale smoothie.  I was a little off today and feeling tired.  I need to make sure there is enough protein in my food.  I’m also tired because we stayed out so late the previous two nights.

PRAYER:  So we went all three nights to see the healer.  After what Jesus had done for my husband, of course we were going to come back for a visit with Jesus.  Plus, I wanted the opportunity to pray with the healer.  I had to meet my husband at the church because I was coming from work and he would be coming from home.  I arrived early and so did almost everyone else for the final night of Paul’s visit.  I had a seat in the center aisle but midway through church.  I was overjoyed when my husband showed up with my son. Paul talked about the reality of purgatory, the sacrament of confession.  My son went to confession and then joined me in line to see the healer.  Confession. I had gone to confession on Saturday. Waited. Prayed. We talked with the people around us.  Joe in front of us who was in the late stages of cancer.  Lisa behind me who was a survivor of cancer but could tell that her cancer was coming back.  Prayed.  Community.  Waited.  Adored Jesus.  As we moved up to the front of the line, I asked Lisa to go ahead of us.  When it was my turn, I couldn’t ask for the little healing that I wanted. My ailment was temporary and would go away eventually.  So I prayed for other people.  Rachel (recovering from cancer), Alexei (baby that was going to have a procedure done), and Jose (Bells Palsy) and Eddie (died too soon). Then I prayed for understanding.  Jesus was there.


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