Day 6

FAST: The fast is still going strong. I decided early on that Fridays of Lent, I will have the fish dinner. My fast went well today although I really felt hungry during the Fiesta Fanfare. In San Antonio, there’s a city wide party for 11 days that is of historical significance. Great traditions, pomp and circumstance that I’d leave for another writing. On our campus, we provide a reception with all the lovely food trimmings that accompany such festivities and the crowd awaits the Fiesta Royalty with their crowns of glory to grace us with their presence. I realized there were no healthy options at this particular celebration. I was left out of that party but that was ok with me. I waited to have a fish dinner until I had the opportunity to go to Stations of the Cross.

PRAYER: My husband and I went to Stations of the Cross at Our Lady of Guadalupe. It was a beautiful tribute to the 14 Stations. Pray the Rosary.


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