Praying for our Sons

A good friend of mine needs prayer for her son.  He is going through a difficult time and it is affecting the whole family to the point of causing physical ailments and stress to some family members.  God help me be a good friend so that I listen to my friend and not try to fix her situation.  She is a good and faithful friend.  She is making the effort to get professional help for her family.  She has turned to God and is praying the rosary only to realize that prayer is giving her comfort.  I pray that she is strong enough to let God do his work and not get in his way.  I have done it so many times with my own sons.  I didn’t trust God’s plan and tried to fix things and it only made things worse and me so “off-center.”  I just heard a story about an eagle teaching it’s young eagle to fly.  The momma eagle would swoop up her baby eagle on her wings and then drop the young one from high in the sky.  Each time, the young eagle would learn how to use its wings and only became stronger.  The baby eagle is scarred each time and just before it gets into serious danger, the momma eagle would swoop in to save the baby.  Eventually, momma is not needed.  My own son has been a handful and pushed the limits.  He is having shoulder surgery tomorrow and prayers are appreciated.  He has four little ones and will rely on others more than usual to help him get better.  I want to be there to help him get better but it is not my place anymore.  That belong’s to his wife.  Besides, he is in God’s hands.


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