Waiting our turn

My husband and I went to confession this evening. Fifteen priests were ready to hear confession and help us prepare for the Holy Days ahead. The church was sectioned off so that you could search for the shortest line, a bilingual priest, or a favorite priest. We weren’t sure where to go since this was not our church that we regularly attended. I had only been here once before for a wedding and confession.

For us, the shortest line would be just fine and we were fortunate to be near the start of our line. Then, we were moved to another line for some reason. Then we hopped to another shorter line after that. By the fourth line, we were where we needed to be.

Finally, after all the movement I could be still and examine my conscience. It took me no time to fill out my list pointing out the error of my ways. In just a short two weeks I had already sinned so many times. Every time I sin, it is a betrayal to Jesus. I’m so sorry. I try not to sin and I do it again knowing that it hurts Jesus when I do. Praise God for his forgiveness. As I ask for his forgiveness I offer it too.

We may have wanted the shorter line and as we were busy moving around for the fastest route, God slowed us down so we could be with him in our conscience.

God…I’m really trying to be sin free at least until I can receive Holy Communion and serve as Eucharistic Minister tomorrow. I humbly ask for your blessing over all priests, for those who are ill, those in prison, those who do not know you and for my family.


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