Visitation to the Seven Churches 2015

I wish that I had written about my experience last year with the visit to the seven churches.  In 2014, I went on the visit with my Sisters in Christ and really enjoyed the readings and prayer.  I was not to sure of what to expect but did enjoy the quiet time with God.  There were some chaotic times trying to caravan and keep the group together.  Each time we came upon the house of God, it felt like home.

This year, I followed our church bus to each location.  I assumed there would be readings and prayer just like my Sisters had done in 2014.  I felt a little disconnected because I wondered if the group was covering the readings on the bus in order to save time.  Did I miss something?  I did.  This year, the visitations seemed more like a tourist’s journey to each church.   I love the community with everyone that attended.

Next year, I plan to set up the visits and the readings.  Maybe even be a tourist and take my time enjoying the discovery and the word of God.

Some things to think about for planning next year is to base the visits on:

The seven stops of Jesus on the way to Calvary.

The seven last words of Christ.

The visitations are a beautiful tradition even though I am still learning what to do and what prayers to say.  I hope one day that other family members will join me in this time of prayer.  I’m still enjoying this time of Easter celebration. Happy Easter!


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