Quick Change of Plans

A few weeks ago or maybe two months ago, I entered my name to be considered for serving on ACTS Teams for our July retreat.  Weeks passed and no phone call so I resolved to plan my summer vacation instead.  It is just as well because I am ready for a break and was excited to think about vacation.  A few of my sisters posted on their Facebook that they were excited to be on teams.  There was my confirmation, I was not on teams this time around.  Alas, confirmation that I could carry on with plan B which meant someplace near water.

It was decided, I had a week of travel for work in mid June then the following week with vacation.  Tickets purchased, passport, t-shirts and bug spray, I could go now.  RRrring….RRrring!  I was called to serve three weeks into the ACTS program.  After I confirmed that my work commitment would not pose a problem and committing that I would give 110% to everything and everyone…I said yes!

Every Tuesday for the next 10 weeks will be study, prayer and just getting to know my sisters.  I’m praying for Sylvia who had to drop out because her sick mother really needs her now.  With Sylvia taking a step back, then I was called to help.  Prayers for Sylvia…she is a faithful daughter.  I only know of her because of how active she is in our faith community.

So I will not share what goes on in our meetings because that and the retreat are complete secrets.  I can share the blessings that come to fruition from serving.  Already we have committed to praying the rosary daily during the month of Mary.  As you already know, or maybe not, I have prayed the rosary daily since June of 2013.

I commit to serving on teams in the spirit of faith, hope and charity.


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