St. Dominic’s Prayer Group Commits to Pray Rosary for 30 Days

Reaching for the rosary under my pillow is the first thing I do in the morning.  If my husband is still sleeping I go to another room and begin praying.  If he has left for work, I begin my prayers and let my body wake up and progressively move about until I’m on my knees for prayer.

 Day 17 of our commitment to pray the rosary as a group (electronically).  The value of praying with a group for me has meant that I am committed to a specific time, record my intentions on instant messenger (for this group) and sharing what comes to me.  Some of my prayer warrior partners did not know how significant St. Dominic’s role  was in bringing the rosary to us. We are all parishioners of St. Dominic’s Catholic Church so I was certain people knew.

I love my Saints and a little geeky or strange when it comes to the Saints.  I’ve named trees in this park I frequent after Saints so Each time I visit the park I tap the tree and high five them when I walk by.  Defensive side note, it is no different than prayer beads, on my walk, I meditate and reflect on the lives of Saints and the trees are a reminder. Ok. Side tracked.

I have learned new things about the rosary and seen many beautiful images of Our Blessed Mother exchanged through our Facebook Group.

We are more than half way there and I am so grateful to pray with others.  Through prayer I am learning what is really important to others. What makes them sad or fearful and together we praise God for what comes our way.


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