More on Beatitudes

Blessed are those who have not SEEN yet have BELIEVED. John 20:29

Jack took me to a different camping spot.  No neighbors, if there were any, they were really far.  No bathrooms or showers and Internet maybe but most likely not.  Just him and I, my brother’s keeper under God’s grace. Oh yeah and a really good fire under an amazing starry sky.

The sound of fire crackling, the ocean stirring and the welcome breeze keeping us cool on a hot summer night in August.  Yes, the sky is spectacular when you can get away from the city lights that usually blur the night landscape.  The stars and distance are another reminder of how small I am and how great God is.  This short trip was just the rest I needed to refresh my soul.

This past Friday, I went to mass at St. Joseph’s chapel where the Discalced Carmelites celebrate mass at 7 a.m.  The nuns prepared a special offering of “fresh water” blessed by a locket that belonged to St. Albert.  We drank the water for refreshed souls and that is what happened over the weekend.  Taking the time away from the fast pace to a much slower one – with God at the center.  I was more aware of the light that we are blessed with.  The sun and its warmth and great power and even in the evening with the stars and their majestic beauty.  Even in darkness, there is light.  It is constant even though we cannot see it.

Grateful for the light we are blessed with every day! God bless!



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