When Love Comes to Town

An Uncommon Grace

The U2 – BB King song “When Love Comes to Town”, first released on U2’s Rattle and Hum album, tells a story of one who unmistakably understands their own depravity and need for grace.  However, the song goes beyond an  understanding of one’s human depravity and need for divine grace because the core of it is to tell the story of how once grace has been truly encountered it transforms from the inside out.

The song begins with the imagery of a sailor lost at sea who can only be rescued by an outside force bigger than himself and his abilities.  A sailor, by the very nature of who he is, is expected to know his location at sea and be able to find safety and his way home.  So the song, from the first line, shows clearly that there are actions which we take that can only be fixed by the love of…

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