Quest for Jesus

On the historical quest for Jesus I am on a path coming to know Jesus deeper than learning about the different stories and signs of wonder of Jesus.  I have a desire to learn more about the Jesus Christ I follow so that I can better share his message as part of an ongoing Christian discipleship.  My charitable actions and prayer life are a better reflection of Christian discipleship rather than the knowledge of biblical stories. How am I applying the life of Jesus in my own day to day life events, circumstance, and belief? What does it mean to be a believer of today and of the time of Jesus? I have come to learn of the stories that Jesus shares with us and the message of “loving our neighbor” as a primary teaching and an understanding I that I learned at a young age.  And it is there I stayed for at least 46 years.

For most of my life I have been in the early development in the understanding of the word of God. It was enough to know a few stories and have the ability to recall a few characters and some awesome signs of wonder. My prayer life has evolved to reflect on the mysteries of the life of Jesus. And yes, I also knew in my heart that Jesus went through a really difficult time and that he had undergone temptations, fear, doubt, and anxiety but I dismissed the fact that those were real feelings felt by the “human” Jesus. In the back of my mind I thought, yes it was difficult but he must have known it was all going to be alright. The more I learn about the human Jesus the more I understand that through his humanness, he truly understands what we are going through. Did I really understand the Jesus in the agony of the garden when he asked our Lord to take this from him? That he was willing to do as our Father willed not as Jesus willed. He truly laid down his life for a friend.

Why does this matter in my ongoing Christian Discipleship? How do I empathize with my brother and sister in need if I cannot even empathize with our savior Jesus Christ? Our lives are filled with so much we can be blinded by the heaviness of our burdens rather than the abundant blessings we are graced with daily. Difficult times are part of the journey in our faith. Sharing and living the good news that Jesus proclaims carries us through the difficult times and the resurrection of Christ shows us that we will see a new day with Him.



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