An Examination of Conscience

Making a good confession.  Last year I made a commitment to go to confession on the first Saturdays of the month for five consecutive months.  I started at the beginning of the year, but that bit of information is not really all that important.  I hoped to consecrate myself to our Blessed Mother Mary and prayed the rosary daily.  I’ll save that thought of consecration for another post but I’ll tell you that I need to try it  again.

After my second month of confession, I thought ok, I can do this.  I didn’t have that many sins to confess, or so I thought.  Before I went back for the third month, I took some time to not only reflect but research what a good confession meant.  I found some really good sources and hope to share those with you.  If you have any other sources or ideas, they are welcome.

So, here it is.  I thought my list of sins would get shorter as I went to confession more often.  Quite the opposite occurred.  I became more aware of what I was doing to offend God and the need to expand on my list.  Each month, some of the same offenses would surface even after I made an effort not to offend again.

And then…I discovered another layer of sins.  Asking for forgiveness for hurt I have caused for those sins “known and unknown to me.”  UNKNOWN TO ME!  Meaning the hurt, stress, and anxiety I have caused to others by something I have said or done without even knowing that I have caused this.  Just because I may not be aware of sins I have committed does not mean that I cannot be sorry for those sins.  I pray and ask that God reveal to me what is sin, my sin.  I can walk around with blinders on and not see what sin is or I can make a conscious effort to know the hurt I cause others so that I can truly avoid that occasion of sin.


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